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In parentage actions, there are at least four different starting points for obtaining a parenting plan. The good news, Tacoma Paralegal Services can get you headed in the right direction. Can you modify a parenting plan that you don't yet have? In other words, are there times when the only way to get a parenting plan when you don't have one is to file a properly filled out petition to modify the parenting plan? The answer is yes.

Sometimes, you have to file a motion for a parenting plan, other times it will be a petition for a parenting plan. And occasionally you have to file a petition to establish parentage in order to motion for a temporary parenting plan. Keep in mind, a motion for a temporary parenting plan when filing a petition to establish parentage is not the same thing as the aforementioned motion for a parenting plan. They are two totally different things that require completely different supporting documents.

Does this sound confusing? Then have Tacoma Paralegal Services prepare your documents for you. If you notice, most of the paralegals out there have nothing on there site about parentage actions/cases. It is because the don't seek them out and lack the expertise. Yes, they might take your case anyways, but keep in mind the facts.

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